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Yumz massages and gives treats!

This new treat dispensing chew toy has GMT – Gum Massaging Technology. Made from TPR, the inside treat cavity has 3 fins to hold treats longer.

It bounces and fetches as well! Choose from our 5 Rogzilicious colours in one of 3 sizes.
Product Name Price Excl GST
Yumz Blue Sml - SKU:YU01B
Yumz Red Sml - SKU:YU01C
Yumz Orange Sml - SKU:YU01D
Yumz Pink Sml - SKU:YU01K
Yumz Lime Sml - SKU:YU01L
Yumz Blue Med - SKU:YU03B
Yumz Red Med - SKU:YU03C
Yumz Orange Med - SKU:YU03D
Yumz Pink Med - SKU:YU03K
Yumz Lime Med - SKU:YU03L
Yumz Blue Lge - SKU:YU05B
Yumz Red Lge - SKU:YU05C
Yumz Orange Lge - SKU:YU05D
Yumz Pink Lge - SKU:YU05K
Yumz Lime Lge - SKU:YU05L