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Rogz Pop-UPZ

Quick Overview

Playtime just became a new game of bounce and fetch with the help of our new toy, Pop-Upz!

Designed with self- righting technology, it will pop upright on land and water ensuring high visibility and easy pick up for your dog. The erratic wobble in flight and on land, will also stimulate both mind and muscle. Choose from our 5
Product Name Price Excl GST
Rogz Pop-Upz 14cm Pink - SKU:PU04K
Pop-Upz 14cm Blue - SKU:PU04B
Rogz Pop-Upz 14cm Red - SKU:PU04C
Rogz Pop-Upz 14cm Lime - SKU:PU04L
Rogz Pop-Upz 14cm Orange - SKU:PU04D