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Puppia Neon Harnesses and Leads

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Puppia Neon Harnesses and Leads
Product Name Price Excl GST
Neon Harness Pink Sml - SKU:PAPA-AC1325-PIS
Neon Harness Pink Med - SKU:PAPA-AC1325-PIM
Neon Harness Pink Lge - SKU:PAPA-AC1325-PIL
Neon Lead Pink Lge - SKU:PAPA-AL1325-PIL
Neon Harness Orange Sml - SKU:PAPA-AC1325-ORS
Neon Harness Orange Med - SKU:PAPA-AC1325-ORM
Neon Harness Orange Lge - SKU:PAPA-AC1325-ORL
Neon Lead Orange Lge - SKU:PAPA-AL1325-ORL
Neon Harness Green Sml - SKU:PAPA-AC1325-GRS
Neon Harness Green Med - SKU:PAPA-AC1325-GRM
Neon Harness Green Lge - SKU:PAPA-AC1325-GRL
Neon Lead Green Lge - SKU:PAPA-AL1325-GRL