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Lapz Luna Collars , Leads & Harnesses

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Fun and with a touch of bling to match those trendy little pooches.

Teacup Yorkie, Maltese, Chihuahua

Yorkie, Pom, Maltese, Miniature Poodle, Chihuahua

Pug, Scotty, Jack Russell, Maltese Poodle, Terrier
Product Name Price Excl GST
Luna Collar Xsml Black Paw - SKU:HB500A
Luna Collar Xsml Blue Floral - SKU:HB500B
Luna Collar Xsml Orange Paw - SKU:HB500D
Luna Collar Xsml Pink Heart - SKU:HB500K
Luna Collar Sml Black Paw - SKU:HB501A
Luna Collar Sml Blue Floral - SKU:HB501B
Luna Collar Sml Orange Paw - SKU:HB501D
Luna Collar Sml Pink Heart - SKU:HB501K
Luna Collar Med Black Paw - SKU:HB503A
Luna Collar Med Blue Floral - SKU:HB503B
Luna Collar Med Orange Paw - SKU:HB503D
Luna Collar Med Pink Heart - SKU:HB503K
Luna Lead Xsml Black Paw - SKU:HLL500A
Luna Lead Xsml Blue Floral - SKU:HLL500B
Luna Lead Xsml Orange Paw - SKU:HLL500D
Luna Lead Xsml Pink Heart - SKU:HLL500K
Luna Lead Sml Black Paw - SKU:HLL501A
Luna Lead Sml Blue Floral - SKU:HLL501B
Luna Lead Sml Orange Paw - SKU:HLL501D
Luna Lead Sml Pink Heart - SKU:HLL501K
Luna Lead Med Black Paw - SKU:HLL503A
Luna Lead Med Blue Floral - SKU:HLL503B
Luna Lead Med Orange Paw - SKU:HLL503D
Luna Lead Med Pink Heart - SKU:HLL503K
Luna H-Harness Xsml Black Paw - SKU:SJ500A
Luna H-Harness Xsml Blue Floral - SKU:SJ500B
Luna H-Harness Xsml Orange Paw - SKU:SJ500D
Luna H-Harness Xsml Pink Heart - SKU:SJ500K
Luna H-Harness Sml Black Paw - SKU:SJ501A
Luna H-Harness Sml Blue Floral - SKU:SJ501B
Luna H-Harness Sml Orange Paw - SKU:SJ501D
Luna H-Harness Sml Pink Heart - SKU:SJ501K
Luna H-Harness Med Black Paw - SKU:SJ503A
Luna H-Harness Med Blue Floral - SKU:SJ503B
Luna H-Harness Med Orange Paw - SKU:SJ503D
Luna H-Harness Med Pink Heart - SKU:SJ503K