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Nylon Tastybone - TOUGH ‘N’ TASTY

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Nylon Tastybone - TOUGH ‘N’ TASTY
Product Name Price Excl GST
Tasty Bone Roast Beef Toy - SKU:TTBBW
Tasty Bone Roast Beef Sml - SKU:STBBW
Tasty Bone Roast Beef Lge - SKU:LTBBW
Tasty Bone Roast Chicken Toy - SKU:TTBCT
Tasty Bone Roast Chicken Sml - SKU:STBCT
Tasty Bone Roast Chicken Lge - SKU:LTBCT
Nylon Trio Yellow Small - SKU:TBSCN

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Tasty Bone Nylon products have been tested on the most vigorous of chewers. They satisfy every bit of a dog’s urge to gnaw and are packed with a wide range of irresistible flavours that last for the life of the bone. With every bite your dog’s gums and teeth become stronger and healthier, protecting against infections, tooth loss and vet fees… and with a Tasty Bone firmly gripped in its mouth, your dog won’t be chewing up anything else either Frequently Asked Questions 1. Where are Tasty Bones made? UK (only Virgin Nylon is used, which eliminates contamination worries) 2. How long does the Tasty Bone flavour last? The lifetime of the bone (even if buried in the garden for years) 3. How does the flavour last so long? The flavouring is impregnated right through the bone 4. What are the benefits of Nylon Tasty Bones? Clean teeth, massage gums, remove tartar, durable, value for money, satisfy a dogs urge to chew, designed to meet the chewing needs of strong powerful chewers 5. How many sizes of Nylon Tasty Bones are there? Four, to ensure a suitable size for all breeds 6. Why is it ok that the dog’s gums bleed when chewing Nylon Bones? The Nylon fragments are toughening the gums, much like when we first begin to floss. The dog will continue to chew the bone as there is no pain associated with the bleeding. Within a short time the bleeding will cease, as the gums have strengthened.